BIOMOR Curcumin Curcumin has been extensively tested in clinical trials at academic institutions worldwide.

Clinically Proven Effective and Safe

BioMor Curcumin is United States Patented for up to 800 percent Greater Absorption

BIOMOR® Curcumin is a clinically-proven and patented combination of curcuminoids and essential oils—with no additives—which results in up to 800% greater curcumin absorption in humans—and it's faster-acting and longer-lasting compared to other 95% standardized curcumin extracts. (8,9,23)

BIOMOR® Curcumin has been extensively tested in clinical trials at academic institutions worldwide.

BIOMOR® Curcumin is composed of a patented combination of curcuminoids and essential oils—with no additives.

Even though many herbs and medicinal plants contain various biologically active compounds that may trigger side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements or medications, curcumin (without piperine) is considered very safe. (1)

BIOMOR® Curcumin has been tested for toxicity in peer-reviewed safety studies. In all investigations, BIOMOR® Curcumin was found safe and nontoxic in high doses. There were no significant changes in hematological and biochemical parameters. Interestingly, researchers found high doses of BIOMOR® Curcumin caused a healthy decrease in serum cholesterol. (10)

Clinical Trials

The following chart data is taken from published studies cited in U.S. Patent Nos. 7,736,679, 7,883,728, 7,879,373, Composition to Enhance the Bioavailability of Curcumin (2011).

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with other curcumin 95 percent extracts.

(Above:) A well-conducted single-dose human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin is up to 800% more bioavailable (in both absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than conventional 95%-standardized curcumin extracts. (8,23)

Graph of BIOMOR Curcumin compared with curcumin 95 percent extract blended with piperine and lecithin.

(Above:) A cross-over human clinical study shows BIOMOR® Curcumin provides 637% greater bioavailability (in both absorption and sustainability over 8 hours) than 95%-standardized curcumin blended with piperine and lecithin. (9,23)

Clinical study evaluated the safety and effectiveness of BIOMOR® Curcumin alone, and in combination with an NSAID. Forty-five subjects were randomized into three groups with subjects receiving BIOMOR® Curcumin (500 mg) and NSAID (50 mg) alone or in combination. The primary and secondary endpoints were reduction in (DAS) 28 Score and ACR score, assessments used by clinicians that measures various joint-related parameters. Subjects in all three treatment groups showed statistically significant changes in their DAS scores. Interestingly, the BIOMOR® Curcumin group showed the highest percentage of improvement in overall DAS and ACR scores (ACR 20, 50 and 70) and these scores were significantly better than the subjects in the NSAID group. More importantly, BIOMOR® Curcumin was found to safe and without adverse events. (29)

The safety and efficacy of BIOMOR® Curcumin and directly compared with a selective COX-2 inhibitor. Treatment was well tolerated and did not produce any adverse effect in subjects, as judged by the vital signs, hemogram, liver and renal function tests. 500 mg administered twice a day, was more successful than administration of the COX-2 inhibitor (100 mg twice a day) for symptom scoring and clinical examination. BIOMOR® Curcumin was found to be safe and no dose-related toxicity was found. (28)

Low-grade inflammation has been associated with obesity-associated disorders. The putative therapeutic properties of citrus and Curcumin polyphenols could be associated with their anti-inflammatory properties. Two diets supplemented either with hesperidin (0•05 %) and naringin (0•1 %) from citrus extract or with BIOMOR® Curcumin from Curcuma longa (0•09 %) were fed to eight obese cats for two 8-week periods (cross-over study design) while maintaining animals in an obese state. Plasma acute-phase protein (APP; a1-acid glycoprotein (AGP), serum amyloid A and ptoglobin) levels were assessed before and at the end of each test period. TNFa, IL-1b, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, IL-12, IL-18, transforming growth factor-b, interferon (IFN)-g mRNA levels were determined in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) by real-time PCR. Compared with pre-study values, supplementation with citrus polyphenols resulted in lower plasma AGP and haptoglobin concentrations, while that with curcumin resulted in lower plasma AGP concentration. There were no differences between the supplementations. TNF-a, IL-1b, IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, IL-12, IL-18, transforming growth factor-b, mRNA levels remained unaffected by either dietary supplementation. In contrast, IFN-g and IL-2 mRNA levels were lower at the end of the citrus and the curcumin supplementation, respectively. There were no differences between the supplementations. The present study results show a slight effect of citrus and BIOMOR® Curcumin supplementation on inflammatory markers expressed by PBMC, and a decreased concentration of APP, which are mainly expressed by the liver. This would confirm that hesperidin and naringin or BIOMOR® Curcumin have beneficial effects, targeted in the liver and could improve the obesity-related inflammatory state. (35)

Some previous in vitro and in vivo studies have proposed a radio-protective role for curcumin, the yellow pigment of turmeric. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the radio-protective effects of BIOMOR® Curcumin supplementation in subjects undergoing external beam radio-therapy (EBRT) were randomly assigned to curcumin group, taking 3 g/d curcumin (6 × 500 mg capsules of BIOMOR® Curcumin n=20), or placebo group (n=20). Quality of life was assessed by the quality of life questionnaire (QLQ-PR25). Analysis of covariance was used to compare radiotherapy related symptoms between groups following the intervention, adjusted for baseline symptoms. No differences in urinary symptoms, bowel symptoms, treatment related symptoms and sexual activity were observed between the curcumin and placebo groups before the intervention. The change in urinary symptoms across the 20-week period differed significantly between groups (p=0.011) and subjects in the curcumin group experienced much milder urinary symptoms compared with the placebo group. Results demonstrate BIOMOR® Curcumin can confer radio-protective effect in through reducing the severity of radiotherapy related urinary symptoms. (30)

Thirty-four subjects were eligible for this double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, 6-month trial if they were 50 years old or older, ethnic Chinese in Hong Kong, had progressive decline in memory and cognitive function for 6 months, and had met NINCDS-ADRDA criteria. Subjects were randomized in 3 Groups each taking 4 grams of placebo, 1 gram of BIOMOR® Curcumin and 4 grams of Conventional Curcumin Extract. At 0, 1 and 6 months plasma was taken to measure antioxidants and serum to monitor AB and liver and kidney functions. Over 1 month, Vitamin E levels in plasma were significantly increased in BIOMOR® Curcumin group compared to others. Moreover, subjects taking BIOMOR® Curcumin had greater levels of curcuminoids than the other. Serum beta-Amyloids tended to rise possibly reflecting an ability of Curcumin to disaggregate beta-Amyloids deposits in the brain, releasing them for circulation and disposal. Where there were few adverse events on Conventional Curcumin group, there were no side effects reported in BIOMOR® Curcumin group. (34)

In the present study, the mood-modulating activity of BIOMOR® Curcumin and its combination with SSRIs was studied in acute model (three doses 24, 5 and 1 h before test) of forced swimming test (FST) in glass jar and tail suspension test (TST) in mice and in chronic model (14 day study) of FST with water wheel in rats. All the tests were carried out in the following seven groups (n = 6 in each group), administered orally (doses for mice): Both the acute model of FST and TST, and the chronic model of FST with water wheel showed significant activity of curcumin in 100 mg/kg dose as compared to vehicle control (p < 0.05). The effect of curcumin (100 mg/kg) was similar to that of SSRIs (p > 0.05) but its addition to SSRIs did not improve their activity (p >0.05). Curcumin increased both the swimming and climbing behavior in FST, thus its mood-modulating activity could be due to an increase in serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the brain. Results show BIOMOR® Curcumin can be a useful mood-modulator especially in cases which respond to drugs having mixed effects on serotonin and catecholamines levels in the brain. (31)

A randomized comparative human clinical study was done to evaluate the effect of BIOMOR® Curcumin on mood. Sixty subjects were randomized to receive 20 mg/d of a SSRI (n=20), 500 mg BIOMOR® Curcumin (n=20), and SSRI plusBIOMOR® Curcumin (n=20) for 6 weeks. The 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale (HAMD-17) was the primary efficacy measurement. CGI-S was the secondary efficacy measure. Overall compliance by the study participants was excellent. The proportion of responders as measured by the HAM-D17 scale was higher in the combination group (77.8%) than in the SSRI (64.7%) and the curcumin (62.5%) groups; however, these data were not statistically significant (P = 0.58). Interestingly, the mean change in HAM-D17 score at the end of six weeks was comparable in all three groups (P = 0.77). (32)

Several studies have demonstrated the healthy mood support effects of curcumin. In a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 123 individuals were allocated to one of four treatment conditions. Results show that differing doses of BIOMOR® Curcumin is effective in supporting healthy mood function. (33)

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Both my wife and I are taking Biomor Curcumin. It has been very effective for both of us. We have tried many brands of curcumin, including one that appears very similar except the other is manufactured using stearates. I felt a very significant difference between Biomor Curcumin and the other brands. I also found Biomor Curcumin is less expensive because I take less, with better results. I'm very happy with Biomor Curcumin. —Mr. J.S.*

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